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  • All fields on this form are required. Any missing fields will not allow us to further process your application. IMPORTANT NOTE: Being matched with the right rescue Doberman could take days, or it could take months. ***Patience is important for the best end result. If you are actively looking at puppies, or are in an urgent rush to add a new family member, we ask that you respect the time of our volunteers and hold off on the adoption application process until you are sure you want to rescue.*** DHDR asks this so that we can avoid requiring an application fee. We look forward to receiving your application and matching you with a forever family member!
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  • I understand and agree that any dog adopted from DHDR must be returned to DHDR if I can no longer care for it, or if evidence of abuse or neglect is found and DHDR requests the dogs return, and that I will be bound to do so under DHDR's Adoption Agreement. I understand and agree that dogs can be dangerous, particularly dogs that are new or unknown to me. I understand that while DHDR makes every effort to minimize risk to applicants during the meet and greet, some risk of injury, infection, or infestation will always be present.