Dash is a darling 4 month old Doberman puppy. Around 6 weeks, Dash developed Parvo and was to be euthanized due to the expense of treatment. Luckily, the vet called DHDR and we were able to take Dash. His treatment went smoothly and he is a wiiiiiiild, healthy boy. A loving sweetheart, Dash has a lot of sass. He is crate trained and is already learning his obedience; he’s mastered sit, stay, down, and wait. He loves to play with other dogs and a cat test is pending.
IMPORTANT – Dash is a special case; soon after recovering, we noticed he was already displaying true signs of food and resource aggression. Working with an experienced evaluator, we believe Dash to have a low aggression threshold. This means that while he is not an aggressive dog, even at a very young age he is showing a lower tolerance before reaching a point of reaction. Dedicated and specific training will make a huge difference as he develops. Based on this, Dash will ONLY be adopted to a home that has significant experience with Dobermans and is dedicated to extensive training at home and outside of the home. He will not be eligible for adoption to families with children. He needs someone who can recognize his behaviors and continue training to modify and reduce his control. Training will be a daily commitment and also a big investment as he matures. Email contact@azdoberescue.org if you have the experience and dedication to help Dash become the best boy he can be!