Our Mission & History

Arizona’s Doberman Rescue

Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue of Arizona (DHDR) is Arizona’s first and oldest 501(c)(3) nonprofit Doberman rescue organization. Founded on January 6, 2009, our mission is (1) to rescue placeable purebred Doberman Pinschers in Arizona, evaluate and treat them, and place them in suitable, qualified, and loving forever homes, and (2) to act as an educational resource to the community regarding Dobermans, Doberman health, and raising Dobermans.

We take in Dobermans from shelters and owner surrenders.

Because we do not euthanize healthy or treatable animals, we are considered a no-kill rescue. We reserve euthanasia only for dogs who, in the judgment of our veterinarians or behavior experts, cannot be cured of a severe physical or dangerous behavior issue.

As an IRS-certified non-profit charity, we do not make or take a profit. We depend entirely on adoption fees and donations from people like you. Every dollar we receive is dedicated to rescue operations and to the care of the dogs. Approximately 90% of all donations goes directly for veterinary care. The remainder goes for essentials that are not donated, and these we purchase second hand or at a discount whenever possible. Our staff and Board members are volunteers whose time, training, talents, and resources make it possible for us to exist.

DHDR was founded in January 2009, in a hard economic recession, to save Dobermans from dying in the shelters. Founded by a member of the Doberman Pinscher Club of America, DHDR operated initially under the mentorship and auspices of Valley of the Sun Giant Schnauzer Rescue (VSGSR), one of the best 501(c)(3) purebred rescues in the Southwest.

Through VSGSR and the generous support of many veteran Doberman Pinscher rescue organizations nationwide, we learned standard best rescue practices from the best. We also adhere to the DPCA Rescue Code of Ethics as well as to usual and customary good business practices. These facts from our history explain why we operate as we do.

DHDR can function only because we have earned the support of numerous partners. We have over 100 committed volunteers who evaluate, rescue, foster, transport, exercise, care for, train, socialize, and love our Dobermans. Our growing statewide network of veterinary and foster partners allows us to serve the state yet minimize our transport and other operating costs. We also partner with other qualified rescues when a Doberman is in need but our foster homes are full. Lastly and definitely not least, our ever-growing family of adopters stands with us to recommend us, support us financially, and encourage us with one “happy tale” after another.

Our Adoptables

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A 501(c)(3) charitable organization
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