Adopter Success Kit

Congrats on adopting a DHDR Doberman!

You have us as a resource for life. At this point, you’ve signed your contract, and have your new family member at home. Within 48 business hours of your adoption, you’ve been sent health records and DHDR has initiated the license transfer, if you live in Maricopa County. DHDR has also begun your microchip transfer and introduced you to the post-adoption counselor. Some other helpful resources:


Slow Introduction & Decompression

The Slow Introduction to other animals in the household is the most critical component of a new adoption, and is required for DHDR adopters and fosters. Aside from integrating with other animals, a new dog needs time to decompress to set it up for success. These tips set your new dog off on the right foot to avoid undesired behaviors and create a stronger bond.

Vet History & Next Steps

After you adopt, DHDR will send you all of your new Doberman’s vet records. The document below walks you through the care DHDR provides, and what you should focus on next for your new Doberman’s vet care.

Our resources section has important information and contacts for training, health, and more. Don’t forget to check out our blog for great tips as well!

DHDR adopters also get access to Pet Insurance discounts from a variety of companies! Check out those deals here.

Stay up to speed on Dobersports – as this will make living with and loving your Doberman easier and more fun!

Lastly, be sure you read up on our discount Holter Monitoring Program, a benefit to Volunteers and Adopters! Annual monitoring can save or extend the life of your Doberman.

Don’t forget to send us updates – we love photos. In fact, we post happy forever family photos every Friday and love to use them on our Instagram.  Follow us on Facebook and join our Facebook Group to stay in touch! If you post photos on Instagram, use the hashtag #dhdrdogname (for example #dhdrtucker or #dhdrduke).

Keep an eye out each spring for an invite to our annual adopters picnic. Email with any post-adoption questions or to get support and help!

Looking to become part of a broader Doberman community aimed at betterment of the breed, show, and sport? The Desert Valley Doberman Pincsher Club and the Tucson Doberman Pinscher Club are excellent resources and we recommend adopters consider joining.

You can also check out our 2015 and 2014 adopter videos!

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