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As a Doberman rescue, we always advocate for rescuing a Doberman over purchasing, and also for spay and neuter. However, we know that a rescue Doberman is not right for every family at every point in their life. Furthermore, we rescue because we love this breed, and the only way to continue our breed is through responsible breeding practices.

Finding a reputable breeder at the right time and in your budget may be a challenge, yet it is essential to the future, health, and well-being of the Doberman breed. We at DHDR passionately denounce the use of non-reputable breeders and Back Yard Breeders (BYBs). Non-reputable breeders are the #1 reason for our high rescue volume and shelter over-population. In no circumstances should these breeders ever be given your money (even if the dogs seem they need to be rescued – if that is the case, the police should be called), as it continues their detrimental operations.

How do you ensure you are picking the right breeder? Download our breeder checklist and take it with you when interviewing breeders. Do not let anyone talk you out of the importance of each of these items. They have been confirmed outside of the rescue by breeding aficionados. Contact local breed clubs such as the Desert Valley DPC and the Tucson DPC for breeder referrals. If a breeder is on the AKC or DPCA website, you should still run them through your checklist. Expect to invest in the purchase of a Doberman puppy; the smarter you are with your investment, the larger the cost savings will be during its life.

BYB dogs are not health tested and puppies often have health issues from poor breeding stock and/or treatment after they are born.
BYB puppies often develop behavioral issues as the dogs used to breed did not have temperament testing, and the puppies are taken away from mom and the litter too soon.

Many people, including some of our own team and leadership, make a mistake in buying from a non-reputable breeder their first time around. Don’t beat yourself up. Just learn, educate others, and never ever do it again! If you are purchasing a Doberman from someone who does not meet all these qualities, you are directly contributing to the destruction of our breed and to the need for expensive and time-intensive rescue operations.

We’d love to match you with a puppy! Email to get on our puppy waiting list. If you have questions on breeder information, we’d be happy to help you as well. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Doberman Puppy Resources!


Frequently Asked Questions:

I can’t afford thousands of dollars for a Doberman puppy from the best breeders, so what am I supposed to do?
There are some hobby breeders that still meet these requirements and aren’t as expensive. You should expect to spend between $2,000 – $4,000 for a Doberman Puppy (importing can cost more).  Keep in mind that saving upfront will almost certainly mean more money spent in veterinarian and training bills down the line.

I saw this terrified, amazingly cute puppy suffering with a BYB, so I rescued it. That’s ok, right?
If you were able to rescue the puppy without payment, then that is rescue. If you had to exchange any payment, then you did NOT rescue the puppy, you supported a BYB. We understand how hard it is – an innocent life, no one can go back and un-breed it, so why not get it out of this situation? It is hard to walk away, but you must. If not, you are responsible for the continuation of that cycle.

So are you saying that puppies that come from BYBs don’t deserve the same love and care?
No! Many of the Dobermans that come through DHDR originated from BYBs. Many of our volunteers own them and love them to the ends of the earth. However, the key distinction is the transfer of payment to that BYB.

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