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Our Training Philosophy

At DHDR, we believe that no one method of training is right for every dog and owner. Each Doberman has its own temperament and needs (and more importantly, every owner needs to be trained differently). Overall, we believe that reward based training methods should be utilized for most situations. However, understanding the root cause of  your Doberman’s behaviors will enable you to resolve the issue and encourage more appropriate behaviors instead. Then, you can have fun with each other, learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and create a positive life-long bond. Balance is important in training your Doberman.

Dominance and force based approaches are outdated and do not promote a healthy, happy bond. By only focusing solely on fixing “incorrect” behaviors, correct behaviors often go unappreciated, unnoticed, and therefore never learned. A dog that only learns from fear of repercussions will eventually give up trying to do the right thing and will either shut down or fight for what it wants. For a dog to truly learn, you must teach your dog what you want them to do first. Once they learn these behaviors, it is your job to promote and encourage them to choose the best behavior.

Physical and mental exercise are needed to keep this incredibly smart working breed healthy. DHDR highly recommends that all our adopters participate in not only obedience training, but also in dog sports or activities. These things build a trusting, mutually benefiting relationship, that will give strength to your communication skills and foster a foundation for success.

DHDR does not promote the use of prong collars, e-collars, or choke chains on our fosters. In rare instances, we recognize that some dogs may need additional tools for success. If it is recommended by one of our trusted training partners, and used under their instruction, we may give special permission to use these tools. If you rely on these tools for your Doberman, we highly recommend consulting a trainer to first determine if they are necessary, and if so, to ensure you know how to use them for long-term benefit of you and your dog. 

Our Training Partners

Sam Kabbel – Pet Behavior Solutions – Valley Wide
Incredible all-around trainer highly experienced in dog behavior. Great for the basics or complex cases, and in-home training. Sam provides the basis for much of our volunteer training.

Hunter Canine – Cave Creek
Known as the go-to place for Dobermans, amazing group classes and the ability to handle highly complex cases. Also a great place to start agility, dock diving, and more.

Sheila Iyengar – Valley Wide, Closest to East Valley
Highly experienced in dog behavior and evaluations, Sheila is a great trainer for difficult situations or basic needs.

MLF Dog Training – Queen Creek
Balanced approach to dog sports and training.

ZenK9 – Phoenix & Valley Wide
A holistic and interconnected approach, great for private lessons and behavior evaluations.

Competitive Edge K9 Training – Tucson
Extensive Doberman-specific experience in Obedience, behavior evaluations, and show work.

Destination Dog Training – Glendale
Extensive Doberman and working breed experience in Obedience, behavior evaluations, and dog sports. 

Other Recommended Trainers

MLF Dog Sports & Training – Queen Creek

Patience Unlimited Professional Dog Training – Phoenix

Dog Training by Cat – Tempe

All Greatful Dogs – Mesa

Sol.Dog – Tucson

Sublime Canine – Tucson

Arizona Humane Society – Great one-off intro classes! (These are special AHS classes, we typically do not recommend PetSmart for most Dobermans)

Cheeky Dog Obedience – Cave Creek – Great to start Barn Hunt!

That’s Obedience – Queen Creek

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