“When we came to your home and met Madison, it really was love at first sight. DHDR found out that this girl was kept in a bathroom alone for five days a week, and understood that a third operation for eating an 18 inch tube sock was her last cry for help. You answered.

After getting her that $2,500 life-saving surgery, you started the search for somebody who would give Maddy the active, mentally stimulating life she deserved.  Thank you for choosing us! You made the Adoption process a pleasure. You helped us introduce Madison to our Silky Terrier, who became her instant buddy. Today, that desperate pound dog is an Agility “Novice Class” Titleist competing in the ‘Open’ class with a goal of participating in the NADAC Championships in 2012. But most of all, Madison is a major part of our family and loves to be with us no matter where we go or what we are doing. She is a great Doberman and we’re crazy about her Thank you, DHDR. We’d recommend you to any good family in search of a good dog. Stay in touch!”

Joe & Trish