Oliver is a fawn neutered male cropped ears and a docked tail.  He gets along with other dogs, large and small, of both sexes, cats AND kids.

Oliver says:

“Yo! My name’s Oliver! How you doin? I just wanted to take a little moment to tell you’s that I’m lookin for a new pad. My last family was having some money issues, so I thought I’d give ’em a break and move on to new, better things. Let ’em get back on their feet, ya know? So for all y’all out there who are thinkin I’m pretty darn handsome (which I am) I’m gonna clue you in on a few things about me.     First off, I LOVE kids, I LOVE other dogs, and I LOVE toys. In fact, I just love life in general! So, I’m hopin you’ve got at least two outta those three things there! If you’re wondering about my coloring, it’s called “fawn” and isn’t as common and them black or red guys and gals. I’m 3 years and 7 months old, and I weigh in at a 75lbs. Unfortunately for me, but good for you, I’ve been neutered. As far as house manners go, I like to consider myself a pro in the domestic division. Oh, and I am all about the walks! In fact, sometimes I just get so excited about going out with the leash that I just have to spin in circles!! I have a great sense of humor, but I’m mature enough to understand when I need to knock it off. Man o man! I just can’t WAIT to see who I’m going home with. We’re gonna have a blast, I just know it!”