Esme, whose name means “to love,” was appropriately named by the woman who found her. An affectionate, people-oriented girl, she will gladly accept as many pets and cuddles as you want to give. She will greet you with excitement at the door, but settles patiently at your feet while you lounge or type–the perfect companion. Her foster home is currently teaching her the basics in obedience and reports that she is an exceptionally quick learner!  She picked up sit and down in a day.  Esme was found as a stray and is likely a terrier mix, resembling two rare breeds: The American and German Hunt Terriers. Weighing in around 25 lbs, she is the perfect size for apartment or condo dwellers.  She gets along very well with other dogs her size or smaller, and with proper introduction can also do well with larger dogs. Esme does great with cats as well, respectfully giving them their own space. She is patient and polite around children with good dog manners.  She enjoys long walks on the grass, affection, car rides, stuffed animals, and – YUMM – hot dog bits! Brought to us through PACC911, Esme is technically not a Doberman. However, she certainly has a dober personality, with the markings to boot! She is protective, sensitive, affectionate, and a velcro leaner. If you want a dog that is not very vocal but will alert you to visitors, this girl and her impressive bark are for you. She is housebroken, aims to please, and comes reliably when called. She is also an exceptionally polite walker on-lead.  Esme is young–approximately 1 year–so she has many years of love to give. Because she is so young, she is also still a chewer and would greatly benefit from being crated while left alone. Leaving chew toys and toys stuffed with kibble and enticing treats in the crate is an easy way to teach her appropriate chewing habits.  Esme is a sweet, loving girl who needs a kind yet firm owner to help her build more confidence.  Anyone would be lucky to spend their evenings with her on their lap.