And we introduce to you… *drum roll please*… BEAR! This black and tan dobergent is about 5 years old, maybe less, and is both cropped and docked with a goofy ear flop.  He was rescued off of a local euthanasia list, why he was on there in the first place we have no clue! Bear is great with dogs of all sizes, good with kids, and adores car rides! Unfortunately he has picked up on the fact that cats are plotting to take over the world, and therefore no longer gets along with them. He already knows basic obedience and is house trained, as well as crate trained. Rufus never gets on the furniture and loves to play ball in the yard and chew on beef bones!  He has a very sweet personality and loves to be with people, but isn’t pushy when it comes to affection. He’s happy just being with you, sharing the same moment in time.  This boy defines what is is to be owned by a Doberman and how endless the depth of their love is.