Brandy (she’s a fine girl) is a 5 year old fawn girl with floppy ears and a nub for a tail. Poor thing was surrendered to us because – get this – she required “too much love and attention.” She really needs someone who will give her that desired affection right back and someone who will be her best friend for life. She is by far, one of the sweetest Dobermans to come though our rescue and shows the resilience rescue dogs have.  Brandy does well with other dogs, but would need to be watched with cats. When it comes to kids she is all wiggles and kisses. She is gentle and patient and would be happy in a home with lots of people to shower her with love.  Her house manners are exemplary. Her foster parents are working with her on obedience and leash manners, as well exercise as she could stand to loose a few pounds.  This wonderful dog’s eyes “could steal a sailor from the sea!”