Rucker is a black & rust boy with cropped ears and a docked tail. He turned 3 years old this May and we estimate him at about 80 lbs. He is very much a velcro Dobe, especially with men.  Rucker LOVES toys.  His favorites seem to be ropes and tennis balls (he likes to chew them).  He is learning how to play properly with other female dogs in his foster home, but we have not been able to fully observe him around cats. Rucker needs to go to a home without young children.
His house manners are perfect and he is very polite. Rucker’s personality is really starting to shine, and he absolutely loves any and all attention.  He is obedient and also a good protector, letting his family know if a visitor is near.  He seems to want to please his owner and could easily learn more tricks and behaviors.  He knows sit, down and stay.  He is also remembering how to walk politely on a leash, without pulling and will respond to a verbal “heel” command.  He can also be goofy and even clumsy, especially with the stairs! He refuses to use the doggy-door, however. We think he’s afraid of getting stuck, haha! Instead he will poke his head through and bark to be let in or out. Rucker is really a great Doberman and is more than ready to find his forever best friend.