Khloe and Kimmi come to us from the same household, and would love to keep them together, but it isn’t necessary they be adopted to the same home. Khloe is a dark beauty, black and rust with natural ears and a docked tail. A big girl with a big bark, Khloe is 84 lbs of voluptuous Dobergirl, and just had her 2nd birthday in January! She has been raised with young children, a cat, and a small dog so she does well with all. Although she is big and beautiful, Khloe isn’t the most graceful girl, and may accidentally “pancake” a small dog while trying to play. She is very active and thoroughly enjoys a game of fetch with just about anything you will throw for her! She loves toys!  She also likes baths and will often try to “eat” the water. Her previous owner describes her as being “made of Velcro.” She adores her people and will do anything for affection. Khloe is quite enthusiastic about learning, and knows some commands but needs someone who will commit to working with her on her basic stuff. She is capable of going as far as you will take her, and maybe even a step further!