Mack is a youngster at only 9 months and about 51 lbs. He is red with natural ears and a docked tail, and we believed him to be a Rottweiler/Doberman mix at first, but upon further research we now feel that he is full Rottie! The less common coloring of red Rottweilers is simply attributed to a color gene deficiency. Mack was picked up as a stray and seems to do well with everyone. He is very dog and people-social and has yet to meet someone he doesn’t get along with. We haven’t been able to observe Mack around cats, but his relaxed and laid-back nature leads us to believe he would be fine with a feline friend in the home. He thoroughly enjoys being outdoors, basking in the Arizona sunshine and seems to enjoy the simple things in life. He does need some help with learning obedience commands, but with consistency and positive reinforcement we are certain he will pick it all up in no time! For such a young pup this guy is very gentle and even more loveable! He would be great for just about any home, and would excel in one that can balance exercise, play, and discipline in harmony suitable to raise Mack to become a well-mannered and impressive adult!