Garmr is a beautifully built black and tan, cropped and docked Dober-goof!  This youngster is only 14 months old and weighs in at a whopping 97 lbs! Despite being a devilishly handsome giant, Garmr is still nothing but puppy – a lot of puppy. He gets along with everyone including cats, dogs, and kids alike and needs a strong owner willing and able to lay down some solid house rules. His obedience training is in progress and his indoor-manners are currently being improved upon as well. He enjoys testing boundaries, but is a total goofball while doing it. Just like any young child, Garmr simply wants to be a part of the crowd and his big clumsy self is still trying to figure out just where it is he truly belongs.  He needs someone who can keep up with him physically and mentally, providing a stable and disciplined, while equally loving and fun, home.