India is a pretty little thing, with her natural ears and long, skinny tail. This black and tan pup is only 9 months old, about 31 lbs, and still has quite a bit of growing to do before she fits into those paws of hers. We aren’t quite sure if India is full Doberman. We think she may have some hound in there some where. Purebred or not, she’s a looker and tons of fun! Still in that puppy-phase, India is in love with everyone and wants to play, play, play! She has done well with all other dogs so far, and lives with a cat in her current foster home. Any cats in a future home need to be comfortable around an energetic puppy, since she will probably try to play with the kitty. Having the current attention span of a gnat, we are currently working on her basic training and she will without a doubt need reinforcement from her new family. She is housebroken and hasn’t had any accidents in her foster home. She’s really a great pup and thoroughly enjoys affection and play time, so you’d better have the energy to match and lots of love to give! If this burst of energy is just what you’ve been looking for, then get ready, get set, and go fill out that adoption application! The wait is driving her crazy!