Rowan (meaning “the little red one”) is a friendly, playful red and rust guy with natural ears sent to us all the way from a shelter in Show Low. He is about 4 years young and weighs in at a not-so-little 80 lbs. He has yet to meet a dog he doesn’t like and is reportedly good with cats as well (no cats in his current foster home, but he was surrendered to the shelter with a cat around his same age.). He is a slow-to-clot dog who most likely is affected by Von Willebrand’s disease, fairly common in Dobermans.  He sailed through his neuter surgery but an owner would need to be aware of his bleeding condition, and alert any vet they work with in regards to any future surgeries.  A quick learner, Rowan easily picked up the sit, down, wait, and kennel commands. Food and toys are high motivators for this boy! Rowan loves playtime and will gladly play lengthy games of fetch, demonstrating his athleticism with long, swift strides and graceful leaps. He can also keep abreast during runs, no matter the pace. This fitness coupled with his awareness of leg and feet placement leads his foster parent to believe he would be a good candidate for agility! He is not an aquatic athlete, however. His doggy-paddle is one of the most useless we’ve seen, so he will need close supervision around pools. In the evenings after some playtime, this big love-bug will lie at your feet, content to nap or gnaw on a chewy.