Jenny is a beautiful spayed black and rust, cropped and docked girl. She’s around 4 years old and has been in our care for two years. She is currently in our Howie’s Hospice Program where we have committed to care for her for the rest of her life. She was abandoned by her owners and was extremely overweight when she came to us. She was also diagnosed with spondylosis deformans, a condition that affects the vertebral bones of the spine. This condition causes her to have pain episodes that must be managed with medication and methods such as acupuncture and cold laser therapy. She also has some activity limitations. Jenny holds true to the “velcro” reputation of a Doberman and will alert on any suspicious noises around the property. Jenny is naturally protective but once she’s your friend, you have her on your side for life. She is smart as a whip and our trainers love working with her. She’s was waiting for someone to throw her a bone in life and give her unconditional love, and luckily she has found that with DHDR. If you’d like to sponsor Jenny and contribute toward her care, donations to our Howie’s Hospice Fund will better able us to care for dogs who may not be adoptable but who still deserve a life and love.

Jenny 2