Edom is another beautiful red-headed boy in the rescue! He is young, somewhere between 10 months and 1.5 years, and is both cropped and docked. Edom has a sad background, and is pretty under-weight at the moment. As he fills out though, and his foster home gets him back up to weight, we expect him to fit a little better into those rabbit ears of his! So far the boy has been good with all dogs he’s met, and does fantastic with the older children in his foster home. We do suggest a family without kitties though. Edom probably hasn’t spent much of his life indoors, so he needs some help in learning proper house etiquette. His foster parents are doing a great job at teaching him this! They are working on his front door manners, crate training, housebreaking, walking on a leash, and basic obedience! He is very smart and eager to please, with miles of energy to burn! A typical Dober-pup, Edom is a complete goofball and loves to be touched and petted. Favorite toys include balls and anything squeaky. He also likes plush toys, but he also likes the stuffing that is inside them. He’s a great boy that’s going to grow up to be a stunning Dober-gent! He needs a home that is committed to working with him on manners and obedience, and one that is able to give him the large amount of physical exercise this growing puppy needs.