Logan is a handsome little thing at only 63 lbs, though we’d like to get a little more weight on him. He’s only about 1 year old, red/rust, with a beautiful crop and dock. He’s a bit timid at first, but warms up to people pretty quickly and still has a lot of puppy goofiness to him. After that first intro, he sticks to you like glue – or rather, VELCRO! He does well with all other dogs, and reportedly was fine with the cats in the vet’s office. He has done great with the kids he has met so far, warming up to them quicker than the adults. Logan is still opening up to us personality-wise though, we figure he was pretty scared in the shelter. So far he’s been very quiet and eats like a madman – he loves treats! He’s been a great running companion and his foster home is working on his basic obedience commands as well. We think he may have been exposed to some mistreatment, so his future home needs to be a gentle and patient one that can help him build his confidence in new situations. He’s a great cuddler and loves to be with his people!