Maximus is one big boy! Another gorgeous red with cropped (and cute, kinked) ears with a docked tail. This youngster is only about 20 months and a HEFTY 88 pounds! He is housebroken, neutered, and crate trained. He knows sit, stay, heel, leave it and responds well to his name. Maximus readily greets everyone with a smile, and has been observed good with babies and older children. He has not been observed with younger children yet. He plays well with the medium sized dogs in his foster home, and because he loves to play we bet he would be great with large dogs too! He likes to chase cats, but more out of play than aggression. Bones are his weakness, and rumor has it he likes to play fetch too. We really love this guy. He is outrageously intelligent, handsome, and mannerly. Whoever ends up with this lover is going to get compliments everywhere they go!