Yuma came to us with his sister, Hanna, from south of the border San Felipe, Mexico! The boy is 5 years old and he weighs in at about 72 lbs. He has natural ears, a docked tail, and is neutered, crate-trained and housebroken. He has some pretty unique coloring for a Doberman. He is overall very dark, and his rust markings are fainter than usual. Yuma loves meeting new doggy friends and has even been introduced to goats and cats.  Guess what?  He does well with those critters too!  He should be around older children, only because he tends to be a bit shy when first meeting new humans.  He also can be a bit shy meeting new men, but with time, warms up when he realizes men have hands for pets and scratches too!  He is growing more and more expressive every day, and is really starting to shine.  Although he really enjoys the company of Hanna, it is not necessary that these two dogs be adopted together.  Yuma would be such a wonderful companion for someone who wants a Dobe-friend for daily walks and plenty of undying love and affection!