Gunny is a blue, male Doberman Pinscher with natural ears and a docked tail. He is an AKC registered, slender boy with a beautiful face, and is only 2 years old. Gunny is relatively mild as far as energy is concerned, neither hyper nor a couch-potato, and like 99% of Dobermans he is a total love bug that just wants to cuddle and be adored. He is very courteous when meeting other dogs and is absolutely in love with the 7-year-old girl in his foster home. We haven’t observed him around cats yet. Basic obedience training is in progress and he is learning at a rapid rate! Then again, what Doberman doesn’t? He’s got great indoor manners, is crate trained, and is not much of a barker – we actually have yet to hear him at all! Gunny can be a bit of a sneaker though… He just can’t resist the bed, and we don’t blame him! He knows he isn’t supposed to be up there, and will try to slink off of it without you knowing he was there. It’s pretty cute! He’s definitely got a personality of his own and plenty of love to give. Gunny is a family-guy and can’t wait to be a part of yours!