Gabby is a blue, female Doberman Pinscher with natural ears and a docked tail. She is an AKC registered, svelte lady with a beautiful face, and is only 4.5 years old. Gabby is a low energy girl that loves nothing more than being with her people. In fact, she wouldn’t do well in a home where her people are gone most of the day. She does the Doberman half-sit on the couch and is happiest leaning on her person. She is trained to stay off of furniture.  She is nervous upon first meeting other dogs but she has warmed to her foster dober-sister and dober-brother and we think she likes the companionship. However, she could happily be your one and only. She is good with older, mature children but is not fond of young ones that will invade her personal space. We haven’t yet observed her around cats. She knows basic obedience commands. and has great indoor manners, is doggy door and crate trained, and is an absolute DREAM on the leash (no pulling!!)! Gabby is very tall and can easily reach counter tops, but so far has not demonstrated a sneaky streak. As is typical of blue Dobermans, Gabby has a thin coat. She is taking supplements for this and our vet thinks she will see marked improvement. Good quality food and supplements will be a must to keep her coat in good shape. They really don’t come much sweeter than Gabby!