Little Miss Lulu is a peppy young thing, at only about 7 months old. She has black and rust markings, natural ears, a docked tail, and weighs in at a dainty 45 lbs. She is crate trained and has learned how to operate the doggy-door, taking full advantage of being able to go play outside without asking for permission.  She does well with dogs and cats alike, just wanting to play with everyone. We haven’t observed her around children, but she hasn’t met anyone that she has refused hugs, kisses, and cuddles from! Lulu has taken a liking to riding in the back of her foster’s cargo bike, content to sit and take in all of the interesting sights, sounds, and smells around town. It makes for an interesting sight, a Doberman in a bike bucket! Training is in the works, and she is picking things up at a quick pace.  We and our vets believe she is a Distemper survivor.  This tough cookie has a few residual effects from the infection, which include some abnormal teeth and neurological twitches in her hind end. However, she can still run, walk, and steal socks and eat just as efficiently as any other Dobie. She doesn’t seem to be overly hyper or overly lazy, which makes her ideal for many families. She can’t wait to find her new family, and to spend the rest of her life in a happy place.