Blue is a charming male Doberman with a blue coat, as you could have guessed. He is likely 5 – 6 years old, isn’t bothered at all by cats or children, and seems to take the submissive role when around other dogs. If you’re looking for a relaxed house companion, this is your boy! He has done so well in his foster home and is more than happy to just sit quietly by your side or even tag along to work with you! Blue will need special care to keep his coat and skin healthy, so additional supplements such as fish oil are a must. The poor boy is still underweight from undoubtedly a long time of neglect, and we are still working on getting him back up to a healthy weight. He knows how to “sit” and is potty trained in the house. He also does well on a leash, but seems to have a vendetta with the city bus… who knows? Overall, just an awesome dog. Perfect for someone with a relaxed lifestyle and a constant supply of calf hooves! YUMMY!