Oh, Freya, Freya, Freya… what a bundle of joy! Still in puppy-mode, this black & rust youngster is only 9 months old, with natural ears and a docked tail. Naturally, she is quite playful and is a big time lover! Her favorite toys seem to be tennis balls and ropes right now. Freya gets along well with the large male Dobie in her foster home, but we haven’t seen her around cats yet. She has such an open and friendly personality that we don’t foresee any issues with children either, if introduced properly. Obedience training is in progress, and is going very well. She is housebroken & crate trained too! Freya does seem to prefer men, but with her bubbly personality, she’d be happy in just about any active household that can challenge her both mentally and physically. She’s a handful, and will need a confident owner who can be consistent with her training. Someone needs to tire this girl out, so get off the computer and bring her home!