Howie is our beloved old-man-dog here in the rescue. Our vets have aged Howie anywhere from 9 to 11 years old.  Rescued from the euthanasia list at a local shelter, Howie was not in great shape when he first came into our care.  This guy has been in foster care for quite a while, just working on getting his health back up to par. We were lucky enough to have him join us at DHDR’s annual volunteer picnic last March, along with maybe 20 other dobies, and he is such a love! Howie is more than happy to relax at your feet and hang out. He doesn’t ask for much, just to be appreciated and maybe given a yummy treat here and there. Despite a life of neglect and a list of accrued health issues, Howie is a master nuzzler. If you’re thinking about taking Howie home, it would be preferred that he be the only male dog in the home.  It is likely that he will live out the last of his days here in foster care, so if you cannot bring this old dog into your own home, perhaps you could make a donation to help Howie and make the last part of his life definitely the best part.