Roux is a looker! A very big male at ~ 80 lbs, he is a gorgeous red color and only maybe 1.5 years old. He is both cropped and docked with an ear-flop that quite becomes him. He is fantastic with children and dogs alike, but he does have a prey drive. This means that a home without kitties or chickens would be best. Roux rides excellently in the car and has such a happy personality. He just gallops out of the house every morning and bounds into the grass ready to play! He is not the most graceful dog, and his foster family has taken to calling him Moose after observing his youthful goofiness. Being the young, large guy that he is, Roux will need a very active home that can keep him tired! A tired dog is a happy dog, and also one more easily managed. Training is in progress with his foster family and he is doing great! An experienced home is preferred and whoever ends up with this lucky looker has a lot of fun ahead of them!