Poncho is an interesting addition to the rescue. He is a handsome male, only 1.5 years old and a whopping 85 lbs! He also came to us only speaking Spanish! Poncho’s story is a sad one, but we are in the process of writing him a fairy-tale ending. Poncho’s previous owner passed away when he was very young, and the neighborhood collectively took on the role of feeding and caring for the pup until recently. The concept of living in a home with a real family is a new one, but he is increasingly becoming accustomed to it! We are constantly hearing nothing but happy updates from his foster home. Poncho apparently is quite the social butterfly, loving any and all who come to greet him. He also has become genuinely fond of his Basset Hound foster brother, and does well with other well behaved dogs. We recommend a home without cats though, as he seems to enjoy chasing small creatures. Thanks to the consistent work from our volunteers, Poncho has now become very skilled in English commands! He loves nothing more than long walks with a rabbit sighting here and there for good measure and he is both housebroken and crate trained. Poncho is in the prime of his life right now – retaining some puppy enthusiasm while practicing dignified behavior as a well-mannered adult. He may be the perfect pooch for someone out there looking to learn a new language, too! He is definitely a fun one, and we can’t wait to see where he ends up!