Roxie is a cute little 70-lb girl and only 2 years old. She is all Doberman, big floppy ears and wiggly nub galore! Roxie will need a home without resident dogs or cats.  She is dog selective and can tolerate short play periods with tolerant dogs but prefers to be the only queen in her castle.  She has not been observed around children yet, but due to her high energy levels we would prefer a home with older kids. She is very friendly and full of luster, despite a questionable start at life. Since learning to love her new life of leisure, Roxie has come to expect a dallop of peanut butter with her kibble every day and finds cheese and sour cream quite delicious. She will even let you bathe her in exchange for a treat now and then! Obedience is already established, but it never hurts to continually reinforce that training. With the curiosity of a toddler, Roxie will undoubtedly be a constant source of entertainment and a loyal companion that craves nothing but love from those around her. She would really fit in perfectly with an active family, someone who can challenge her mentally and physically.