Obie is an all-natural black and tan Dobie, about 1-2 years old and 65 lbs. When we think of Obie, we hear ” If you’re happy and you know it wag your tail!” *clap! clap!* He gets along with the female Dobermans and the little male min pin in his foster home, but he wouldn’t mind being the only dog to hog all of your attention either. We haven’t been able to observe him around cats or children as of yet, though. He enjoys being inside and watching TV with you on the sofa, but usually prefers personal attention with toys – soft toys being his favorite! He is housebroken, using the doggy-door like a pro, and is decent with his obedience. Training should be continued with his new family, too. Obie has a curious personality and wants to be involved in everything everyone is doing, which could sometimes lead to mischief. He has a polite, gentle soul, and would be overjoyed to have a forever home with lots of love to be given and received.