Holly is a black & tan, cropped & docked Dober-girl, but don’t be fooled by her age; she is a 3-year-old dog with a 1-year-old puppy mindset! Food is her favorite thing, so training will undoubtedly be a breeze with so much motivation! Who knows, agility and obedience might be her calling! She would likely do best around children over the age of 12, as she craves attention and affection from all but might be too jubilant for youngsters. Holly has a very loving and very active personality, and would excel in an active household with a family who can focus her attention and tire this energizer bunny out. A home as the only pet may be best, but that way she won’t have to share all of the lovin’.  Like most Dobermans, she will need an owner who can establish boundaries and is aware of dog behavior as Holly does like to “hoard” and “guard” her high value toys and treats.  With a bit of incentive too share her “goodies” we know Holly and her new family will share a lifetime of love as well.