Navi, short for Navidad, came into our care just before Christmas.  She is a cute little dark blue, all natural girl. Navi looks to be a Doberman mix, possibly with shepherd or a Blue Lacy.  She weighs only 50 lbs at about 5 years old, and has a slightly longer coat than we are used to seeing. She enjoys the company of older children, but can be a little shy when first meeting strangers.  Don’t worry though, all it will take is some bonding and maybe a hot dog or two, and she will adore you in no time! Her manners are good with other well-behaved dogs after an appropriate intro, and she could potentially do well with a cat hanging around too. She would benefit from continued training with her new family as she adjusts to the spoiled life of a pet. We see her making a good couch-potato partner to watch TV with in the evenings, after her routine walk, of course. Her personality truly is nothing less than lovely, making it easy for everyone adore her! We can’t wait to see her blossom with her new family!