Willow came to us from Camp Verde in January of 2014.  She is only approximately 1 year and is petite, with a very pretty black & rust coat and is docked & cropped, but flopped. Like any typical Dobe she LOVES to be loved on and given attention. With her young age comes energy, and lots of it!  She will need a home with active owners, but no resident children. Willow was seized by Animal Control with Cordelia and an adult male Doberman, but she has displayed reservations about meeting new dogs while in foster.  With hard work, determination and patience, she has learned that new dogs can be fun and has successfully lived with an easy going male Doberman and attended doggy day care.  We think a home with one easy going and confidant male dog would suit her, or she would also be happy being an only child. We haven’t observed her around cats yet, so a slow introduction will be required, if applicable. Everything seems to be a new experience for her, so she needs someone with the time and patience that can mold her into the outstanding Doberman we know she will grow up to be. With that said, puppies will be puppies and we thoroughly enjoy her youthful antics. She seems to think it’s required that she stick her whole nose in the water bowl to drink, and she loves nothing more than being with her people. Like a child, Willow will need structure and discipline, but her silly expressions and playful nature makes all the hard work worth it!