If you’re looking for puppy energy, this gal’s got it! Liz is an adorable red head with a docked tail and natural ears. She is only 8 months old, 62 lbs, and we think she is the energizer bunny reincarnated. That being said, she may be too much big-dog-energy for young children or small dogs. We encourage a home with another dog closer to her size so that she can have someone to romp and play with. We have not been able to directly observe her around cats, but with supervision and the right training she could  be fine growing up with a feline friend as well. Liz has a lot of potential to do well in sports like agility or flyball, but if competition isn’t your thing we know she would be just as happy at the lake, hiking, running, or biking. She is a typical Dobe, so as long as she is by your side she will have a big grin on her face. Training is in progress, and we expect it to be continued with her new family as well. Persistence is key! She makes it pretty easy though, because she can’t help but love treats and toys.