Get ready for puppy breath! Lor is only 3 months old, and is an all natural black and tan boy. He’s got a lot of growing to do, and is right in the middle of that happy-go-lucky, dorky stage. Manners 101 is currently in progress and coming along nicely. Lor is already crate trained and potty training is also going well. While puppies are cute and adorable, don’t forget that they are a huge responsibility and take a lot of time and commitment. He will be teething soon, so chew toys are a must, and training will need to be an everyday thing. He is incredibly curious about the world right now, and could use a pal to walk him through life. He is currently fostered with dogs of all sizes and cats.  We can’t wait to hear about new adventures and silly stories with his forever family. This wiggle-butt is too cute – how could you say no?