Hugo is a 1 year old whirlwind of bouncy personality! He is a red & rust boy, with cropped (and flopped) ears and has a docked tail. At 2 months of age this poor guy fell out of a truck and broke his leg, and it never healed quite right. He has been through surgery and had some hardware installed, but will always have a bit of a limp. He sure doesn’t let that get him down, though! Hugo LOVES to run and play with a passion. He will spend all day chasing balls and chewing on toys if he could. He would do well in a home with children or other friendly dogs to play with, and seems to ignore cats on walks, so a dog savvy cat might be ok too. All of our volunteers have given him an A+ in the personality department, and really had nothing negative to say… Except that maybe he gives too many kisses. Is that possible? We think not.