If you’re looking for a partner to go on adventures with, browse no more, because Apollo is your guy! He is a 1-year-old blue Doberman with a docked tail and natural ears. His jaunty personality makes him a favorite playmate among well-behaved children, and he enjoys the company of other dogs. Apollo isn’t the “kitty cuddly” type, but he doesn’t mind sharing his home with a cat – just don’t tell the other neighborhood dogs. His foster home describes him as “fun, silly, gentle, and polite” with a craving to explore the world. He prances on the leash when out in public, and prefers to chomp at his water rather than lap it up like a normal pup. Apollo’s previous life did not provide many outdoor experiences or adventures, so we hope that his new family will take him out, teach him new things, and build his confidence back up to where it should be. He is a fun boy, and truly handsome! We cannot wait to see what fate has in store for him!