Penny is a truly stunning 3-year-old red & rust female and is both cropped and docked. She is incredibly well behaved, and gets along with most everyone. Penny is particularly fond of men, enjoys the company of children, and would even enjoy the company of another dog in the home with the proper introductions. We have been unable to observe her around cats, though. Like any typical Doberman she loves to be loved, sticking by your side whenever possible. True to her “velco” personality, Penny does not like to be left alone for extended periods of time.  She does not tolerate crating and can become anxious when her people leave until she is sure you’re returning.  She will need a patient adopter who can continue to show her she is safe and work with her separation anxiety.  She would be best in a home where people come and go all day, or with adopters who work from home, rather than someone who works a full work day 5 days a week.  Car rides are a breeze, and she would make a willing hiking or running partner! She is definitely a head-turner and has a loving personality to match!