My name is Subin and when I was stationed at Luke Air Force Base, I was really interested in dobermans and the types of dogs that they are.  After researching, I found the Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue through Google.  I met Sidney and Cat and volunteered on my weekends to walk the dogs and give them company.  Then one day I met Dom (Snoop) and I wanted to be his friend and companion.  He was scared and always avoided me and did not want to approach me.  After 6 months of waiting and received my separation orders from the Air Force, I was able to adopt Dom.  We did have some setbacks in the beginning but after 2 years of him being part of out family, he has been wonderful and no longer a social outcast at dog parks.  He actually approaches and greets people and always being by my side. My parents, my friends, my girlfriend, the regulars at the dog park, and even my neighbors love him and always compliment on how well-mannered he is.  He has been the greatest blessing and I am really lucky to be the one that adopted him.