I reached out to DHDR interested in adopting an adult female that I found on their page.  The dog that peaked my interest was no longer available, but through the application and discussion process DHDR volunteers were able to steer me to the perfect dog for me.  I adopted Lexi (Ripley) in February, 2012 and she was everything I was looking for!  She was just shy of 8 months old, housebroken and a bundle of energy/love.  This dog is my world (but don’t tell my other dogs!).  For anyone on the fence about adopting a rescue…DHDR is the real deal.  They are thorough and work closely within their network to learn as much as possible about the dogs in their care – all to help find you the best fit for your family.  If you have questions they are readily available to answer them and assist you with your dog.  A great group of people that have come together for a common goal…Dobermans.
 – Sue Adkins
Pictures from when Lexi was in foster care with DHDR: