Diamond is a 9-month-old Dobergirl with a red/rust coat, docked tail, and natural ears. She was surrendered to the rescue with her litter-mate, Onyx, and is familiar with being around children & small dogs. We have not observed her around cats yet. This girl is fairly submissive but loves having another dog to play with. Her favorite game is fetch and will chase a ball as long as you will throw it! Being a puppy, she will need a family who can enforce training and be consistent with teaching basic commands & household rules as well. Puppies are a lot of work! At this age though, she can be taught anything – the sky is her limit! She comes off a bit shy at first, but don’t judge this book by her cover. Once Diamond warms up to new people and realizes you can be trusted, she is every bit of the goofy, clumsy, beautiful, and silly Doberman that we expected her to be.

Diamond 2