Baroness (also known as Princess) is a five year old Black and Tan girl, cropped, one ear flopped and docked.  She is medium sized with the softest fur imaginable and a dainty way of laying with her paws crossed in front of her.  She is exceptionally loving with her ‘people’  and enjoys a good cuddle.

She is crate trained and knows the basic commands.  She is a quick learner and has been expanding her knowledge to include some of the more advanced commands.  She walks well on a leash and is a dream to take on car rides which she enjoys immensely.  She likes to be with her people and is happy to go to dog friendly restaurants where she will quietly lay on the ground while you eat.  She likes her daily walk and although Princess does not require a lot of physical activity, she does enjoy a good game of hide and seek or tug.  She also enjoys solving dog puzzles involving treats and is quick to figure them out.  She will stay with you from the time you get up in the morning until you decide to go to bed which she is happy to share with you (if allowed) but is also content to sleep in her own dog bed.

Princess is a smart cookie but like a typical youngster, will test you to see if you really mean it and try to take control. She would do best with an experienced doberman handler who will be a strong leader and in return she will give her unquestioning love, trust and loyalty.  She is leary of strangers and needs time to warm up to new people, but once comfortable, she will shower affection and attention and turn into a velcro doberman.

She does not have a strong prey drive but is untested with cats.  Since she is a ‘Princess’ she would prefer to be the only dog but with a proper introduction and patience, she could be placed with a submissive dog.