Kyra is a red/rust, cropped & docked, female Doberman. At only 1.5 years old, she has a lot of energy and a mind of her own! It’s easy to give in with a face like hers, but whoever adopts her needs to understand the importance of consistency with training. Basic obedience and house-training is in progress with her foster home and will need to be continued with her new family as well. She will likely do best as an only fur-child, but exhibits a lot of curiosity towards other dogs and cats. It’s possible that with the proper introduction she could do well in a home with other dogs. Kyra really enjoys car rides and is an expert fetcher! She has also done well around older children, but we think she may be too pushy for small kiddos. This girl turns heads everywhere she goes, and will certainly grow up to be a great ambassador for the breed once she finds that perfect fit! Until that moment comes, it’s time for another round of fetch!