Found wandering in the desert with a 25 foot chain padlocked to his collar, Jordan is a handsome man. We guestimate his age to be about 7 years young, and he is both cropped and docked. He is a red head, with some distinguishing gray on his muzzle, and clocked in at a healthy 96 lbs! He seems to be a social butterfly, doing well with dogs and children of all sizes, as well as cats. Food is a weakness of his. It seems that he would do anything for a treat, which would make reinforcing manners or training a breeze. Jordan is a very affectionate dog, although he is not a fan of mornings. He would prefer to sleep in as late as possible rather than wake for an early bird breakfast. He is crate trained, and loves car rides. All in all, Jordan is a prime example of the breed and will make a fantastic addition to a great family.