Mia is a 5-years-young dobergal, sporting some adorably floppy ears and cropped tail. She is classically colored, black & rust, and is a dainty 66 lbs. She is strikingly intelligent also, wanting nothing more to please and knows almost every command in the book! We have not observed her around cats or other female dogs, but her behavior towards the canines in her foster home has been nothing if not mannerly. She doesn’t seem to know how to play with other dogs and could use some improvement with her self-confidence. The world is a big scary place for her right now, and really needs someone in her life to make her happy and comfortable. Someone who can show her that vacuums and garage doors are not scary things. Mia does really well around kids and is particularly fond of women… and butt scratches. She really enjoys a good butt scratch. Mia will require someone with patience and a lot of love to offer for her blossom. We are seeing sneak peeks of her true self, and we are excited to see who she will truly become with a family as great as she is!