Riker is a youngster, only 7 months old, and a very handsome red and rust color. He has his naturally floppy ears and a docked tail. For such a kiddo he has a tendency to be quite mellow at times, when he isn’t being rambunctious and playing with his foster brother, that is! He seems to do well with most dogs and is curious of the cats he has met. Like any puppy he appreciates having an abundance of chew toys to gnaw on and would likely enjoy a child to play with in the home as well. He is still growing into his paws, and by the size of them we expect Riker to be a big fella once he is all grown up! He is pretty mild mannered, considering his age, and is a smart cookie! His obedience training has begun and will need to be continued with his new family. Like most Dobermans he adores attention and affection, and is happy to give back just as much as he receives, if not more! Be ready for compliments, because he’s going to get a lot of them when out and about!