If you are looking for a slightly older gentleman in your life, Ronin is the one for you. Sadly, Ronin’s dad passed away, in his thirties, this past Thanksgiving. He loved Ronin with all his heart, and so do we. 8 year old Ronin gets along with everyone – other dogs, kids, and adults. He is gentle, clam, loves car rides, and is housebroken. This “zen” boy wouldn’t mind sleeping in your bed, under the covers of course. Don’t get us wrong, Ronin is a social butterfly, and he loves a good party with lots of attention or a long walk. Ronin loves to figure out dog puzzles and play with toys. On a special diet to lose some lbs (who isn’t), Ronin is also blind in his right eye and has an extra-large benign lipoma that adds to his charm and doesn’t slow him down. Let’s find a forever home for Ronin, and we can all help heal a lot of broken hearts.