Marshall is the energizer bunny reincarnate! He is a 10-month old red-head and is already a whopping 80 pounds! He loves to play, and would do well with another canine companion willing to romp and run with him. The abundance of energy and his tendency to rough-house will probably be too much for a feline room-mate to tolerate, and is more than a small child can handle, but it all makes for a fantastic outdoors companion. He is goofy, a prankster, and aloof at times. Everything is a game, and any bags blowing in the wind need to be chased! While he seems up to the challenge of being a great daily workout partner, he will also need a daily training routine to solidify basic obedience and manners. This has already begun in his foster home, but puppies need reinforcement. He is a snuggler, and is honestly a sweet boy. The rescue is currently his 3rd home (no fault of his own), and for a dog so young, he would love some stability in his life.